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What is ‘the BackSeat?’
‘the BackSeat’ is a smart phone app that will save babies lives.

In The United States alone over the last 20 years, an average of 37 babies per year* have died in hot cars. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, CEO’s, Grandparents, mothers, fathers and nannies have all forgotten a small child in a car to die. It has reached all demographics with no end in sight.

Even the most attentive and loving parent, grandparent, or caretaker can accidentally fall victim to the distractions of society or fall into a routine and forget things. We forget things. We’re humans. Your phone you left on the counter when rushing out, the file you left on your desk that you needed or even brushing your teeth because you were in a hurry to get the kids ready for daycare. Let’s face it, it happens. Inconceivably, sometimes the most precious gift we have ever been given can be forgotten…our babies.

Imagine this...

With Mom not feeling well, Dad is taking the children to school on his way to the office. After loading up the baby and the 4th grader in the car, he kisses his wife’s forehead and heads off. A spirited morning conversation with the 10 year old fills the car with laughter. Approaching the drop off, he pulls in and waves goodbye to his little one as she jumps out. Next up is daycare just a few miles away. A call from his office comes in and dad, now engrossed in a conversation, begins his normal daily drive to the office. Now that he’s distracted by the phone conversation, “routine” and “muscle memory” have set in. While focused on his phone call discussing an upcoming meeting with his work associate, he pulls into the parking lot and heads into his office forgetting the sleeping baby in the car. Several hours later while walking back to his car, terror sets in and a nightmare begins that he and his family will never recover from.

The above story is an actual event that has repeated itself more than once with minor differences. If you think that type of scenario cannot possibly happen to you…think again.


"Necessity is the mother of all invention." – Unknown. (Circa 1500's)

As a proud father of three daughters and after many successful years in the real estate business, Erin J. O’Connor, the Creator of ‘the BackSeat’ launched this app after hearing too many stories of these unfortunate cases across America. Living in Phoenix Arizona, one of the most common areas and climates for this tragedy, this news story was all too frequent. While twelve children were lost in July 2017 nationwide alone, two of those children were lost on July 28th and 29th in Phoenix. When hearing this news, he knew is was necessary to do something so he began designing ‘the BackSeat.’

The reason for creating ‘the BackSeat’ is to protect your children from being another statistic and to curb this senseless tragedy that destroys families. We want to do anything we can to prevent another child from losing its life or from living with permanent injury that could have been avoided.

We here at 'the BackSeat' firmly believe that with public awareness, diligence, reminder systems and assistance from others if needed, we can prevent this horrible tragedy from happening in the future.

Our REASON is your children. Our INSPIRATION are these 788 children we have lost since 1998.


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"Easy to use and set up"

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"Customizable based on lifestyle"

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"Adjustable on the go"

Available on the iPhone

Available on the Android

In designing 'the BackSeat' we wanted to overcome all of the objections one may have towards using an alerting system of this nature.

'the BackSeat;'

1. Is 100% FREE to the user.

2. Doesn't utilize battery consuming & potentially unreliable Bluetooth technology.

3. Doesn't require any hardware installation.

4. Doesn't require any sophisticated processes to use.

5. Wakes up automatically when it senses a set vehicle speed.

6. Takes less than 5 minutes to install and set up on your smart device.

7. Alerts to the user are set up to be a graduating level of alerting to attract the most attention to the user/caretaker of the children.

8. Doesn't require the user to turn it on and off.

9. Is the ONLY known system that will automatically alert others of your possible need for help.

10. Features customizable settings based on your lifestyle.

We realize that there's never a perfect system however we feel that with the use of 'the BackSeat' is an excellent "safety net" in the event that you are faced with this potentially tragic situation.

Not ONE More. Not with 'the BackSeat.'

Helpful Tips on using 'the BackSeat.'

1. Leave your phone volume on. This will be helpful in the alerting and notifications to the user in getting your attention faster PRIOR to the 'Alert Team' being notified.

2. Make sure you notify your 'Alert Team' Members that you have chosen them and that they all have Smartphone devices. Have them add "Noreply@thebackseat.net" to their email address book to insure the emails do not go to a SPAM filter.

3. Make sure your personal information is always current. This information can be crucial especially emails and phone numbers of yourself and your 'Alert Team.'

4. In the Settings tab on your dashboard, we recommend the following; Trip Start Speed= 20-25mph. Trip Completed Time= 5-6 minutes.

5. The App only operates properly with FULL Alerting as well as Location Services on at all times.

6. In choosing your 'Alert Team' make sure you choose people that are readily available to see an alert sent to their phone or emails, as we will be relying on their availability to respond in a timely manner.

7. In the event the app crashes or malfunctions, force kill the app and re-open. (We will be monitoring all app activity for improvements at all times and "bug fix" updates will be sent out as needed.

Know of anyone else that could benefit from using 'the backseat?' In your app under the "Contact us" button on the Dashboard, you can text or email a link to your friend or family member to share the app with them as well. Thank you for using and sharing 'the BackSeat.'

Not ONE more. Not with 'the BackSeat'.

Source: Jan Null, CCM, Department of Meteorology and Climate Science, San Jose State University,


We would love to hear from you. Contact us today and let us know what you think! We are striving to make this app the best it can possibly be. While we feel we have created a terrific product we also know that there are things we may be able to implement to make it even better. We need YOUR input. If you’d like to give us feedback, positive or negatively, please do!